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At Prairie Ice, you will find exquisite wearable art made from natural stones, pearls, shells and crystals.  A dazzling alternative to common and mass produced, each unique treasure is designed and handcrafted with love by me in hopes it will be worn with love by you.  Rough or refined, bold or delicate, simple or downright luxurious, ready-made or a custom design made just for you, you'll find it all at Prairie Ice.

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Life's Better with Sparkle.

In 2011, my online purchase of a handmade necklace inspired me to create my own jewelry. I began sourcing supplies, buying thousands of stones and beads before I even knew the technical side of jewelry-making. Sounds risky, but I had confidence in my creative vision. I've always had an artist's soul, a good eye for style and the drive to succeed at whatever I endeavour to do, so I knew I could turn this dream into reality. I took a jewelry-making class at a neighborhood jewelry shop and started using all the beautiful stones I'd been accumulating. I'd conceptualized my designs in my mind and every night after my husband and kids were in bed, I'd turn my ideas into reality until the wee hours of the morning. The excitement of the creative process won out over fatigue.  

Three months after taking that jewelry-making class, I had almost 300 beautiful pieces of jewelry and began selling my creations online in April, 2012. I am a born and raised prairie girl, living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Ice represents our cold prairie winters and is also a term used for jewelry, so I called my brand Prairie Ice.  

In 2015, we moved into a larger home with an office and storage space for all of my supplies, but I still work at the dining room table late at night, usually with one of our cats on the table keeping me company. I've sold my jewelry to 16 countries and I can't say how exciting it is to think about a woman on the other end of the planet wearing one of my creations. In 2014, my jewelry was been featured in ACF (Amazing Canadian Fashion) Magazine which was a proud moment.  

Quality and functionality are just as important to me as the beauty of my pieces. I want them to be unique, beautiful, easy to wear, and to last for years to come, so I choose beautiful stones and use professional quality supplies. I also want my customers to be completely happy with their entire Prairie Ice experience, so customer service is a top priority. I maintain ongoing communication with several of my loyal customers whom I've never met in person but I consider to be my friends.

Statement jewelry is my best seller, but I also create more delicate pieces. jewelry for men and my sun catchers are very popular. New ideas and techniques excite me, so I take the occasional class and I'm always adding new styles to my repertoire, but I stay pretty true to the original Prairie Ice style, which is eye-catching jewelry with brilliant colour and my signature sparkle.

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